Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Thursday Morning OT

Thank goodness today is my Friday, because the way today is going, I’m not sure I would survive tomorrow!

1) I get into work this morning to find out one of my field analysts has not made the change to the data I very specifically asked him to, both over phone and email.


2) I got a pot of coffee started....then forgot to turn it on

3) I almost slipped and fell on the snow twice (though yay snow and cold! Finally)


4) My cousin just let me know her and another friend decided for New Year’s we are going to a party at some bar. It is going to be expensive, loud, and no good escape and I don’t want to go! I had been looking forward to the plan we’d originally discussed of going to our downtown area, where there will be street performers, a variety of venues, and if I feel like escaping the noise and lights and such, I can just go outside. I feel like such a party pooper if I say “if that is where you guys are going, I don’t want to join you”. But, honestly, I would rather ring in the New Year by myself than be miserable in a group.

So, how is your Thursday going?

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