Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Random thoughts to fill this space:

I apologize because I’m sure some of you say this, but why does the term “fix” instead of “make” or “prepare” drive me kind of crazy? Like “let me fix you a plate” or “fix the baby a bottle.” It makes me twitchy. I delight in many regional terms not my own, but for some reason I can’t stand that one.


If I won the lottery, after I bought a house I’d immediately hire a daily housekeeper. None of this once or twice a week business. I’m never doing another dish, taking out the garbage, etc. #lazy

It is finally supposed to be nice and cool here! Sweaters and jackets, how I’ve missed thee! I should probably get some warm clothing for my baby... mentally when I knew I was having a summer baby I had a hard time thinking of sweaters and coats and pants for him.

Well those are my ramblings on very little sleep, have at it!

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