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Thursday Night Endrunkening

So, near The Professor's and my house there is a corner market run by a portugese family. Not a convienience store mind you. They don't sell bags of skittles* and bottles of coke. They sell food. Real food. Tomatoes and real capicollo(they make amazing sandwiches) and these really weird Italian hard candies that are kind of terrible.

But none of that matters because they also make egg tarts. Real egg tarts. The grandma bakes them herself and does it just so right so that it's creamy and smooth but so that the sugar is burnt on the top and caramelizes just so.

Now, sometimes, they don't sell out. I don't know why that is, sometimes people are crazy I suppose, and on those nights they wrap them up and sell them at six for three dollars. Tonight, Groupthink, was one of those nights.


Tomorrow, I'm going to be significantly hungover and fatter. I will still regard it as a victory. Peace.

*They also sell bags of skittles. I bought one. One day, I will no longer be six years old.

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