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Thursday Night FMK Throwback: Punk Dudes I Used To Love When I Was 15

Alright, friendos! Let's lighten the mood around these parts with a rousing game of Fuck, Marry, Kill! In honor of my new employment at the punk rock sweatshop, let's bring some teen punk heartthrobs into the ring!

First up! Billie Joe Armstrong! Remember before he inexplicably went all Hot Topic Political, and was still making sweet songs about masturbation? Yeah.


Second is the best? Well, anyway, let's put another Armstrong into the mix (WEIRD I just realized they have the same last name!), only this one's name is TIM! Yeah! He was my #1 boner in 9th grade, guys.

And third, the nerd. Or at least, the pseudo punk, Travis Barker. I can't lie, I still think this man is FOINE! But, remember before you knew what a shithead he was, before he married, divorced, remarried, and maybe redivorced that porn star and they had epically trashy fights on twitter? Sigh.


OK, go! One of these guys has to die.

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