Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s almost Friday, and there are five weeks in the semester left. I’m considering playing hooky from my afternoon class, because our professor is out of town at a conference, so we just have a guest lecturer. I spent all of yesterday writing an essay for Women’s History worth 30% of my grade, so I’m pretty worn out.

Also, tomorrow is going to be busy- I have an early doctor’s appointment, and I am taking Catface to the vet after that. I am not enthused about either, but hopefully in Catface’s case he’ll get some relief (my appt is just a routine follow up for my antidepressants, which have been working fine so I’m kind of just cranky about having to go in). Taking him in to discuss behavioral medication, because his separation anxiety is pretty out of control, still after months of trying to help him in other ways, and I don’t want him to suffer anymore. He’s got a bald spot on his back from where he has overgroomed himself.


In other news, my good friend is in town from Austin so she’s coming over to hang out tomorrow night, which will be fun.

How’s your day going, GT? What do y’all have on deck for this weekend?

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