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Thursday OT!

Yesterday was an exhausting and amazing day. A couple of months ago, I bought a ticket to see Dear Evan Hansen for yesterday’s matinee. Unfortunately Ben Platt was supposed to still be the lead until January (which is why I paid beaucoup bucks for that ticket!), but he ended his run early on Nov 19, so I missed him. His replacement wasn’t that great - and from what I understand couldn’t hold a candle to Ben Platt (who I actually saw in Book of Mormon when it came to Chicag0) - but the production was still quite good. It was extremely emotionally affecting and I pretty much sobbed my way through it. I highly recommend it if you get a chance to see it. When the next actor to play the lead takes over in January, I will start entering the lottery every day for tickets and will keep an eye out for cheap tix.

After the musical (my first broadway musical!), I hightailed it to Strand bookstore to wait in line to see Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. I waited in line for almost 4 hours to see them - and it was worth it. Apparently there were 1500 people waiting to meet them (the line wrapped around three sides of a block and then up another block) - I can’t even imagine meeting that many people + signing that many books! They were both so warm and personable - I would have been stabby at that point (almost 3 hours into the event is when I got in)!

I got to shake her hand and talk to her briefly. It was amazing - I was literally weak-kneed afterwards. I stood in line with an elementary school teacher who broke into tears afterwards, and a surgical nurse. We got heckled by some Trump supporters while in line - but no one reacted and they got bored and left.


There were a lot of little girls in line - that was incredible.

You know what wasn’t incredible though? The lack of media coverage. There were 1500 Hillary supporters in line to see her. There would have been more, but only that many tickets were made available. I tweeted at the NYT that they should come and profile some of us who were very enthusiastic HRC supporters during the campaign - and who were still enthusiastic about her (instead of profile after profile of Trump supporters and puff pieces about Nazis).

If Trump or Bernie had had people lined up to see them (even far smaller crowds), every media outlet would have been there interviewing people. I only have found one article about the book signing. What were we just saying about sexism in the media coverage of her?


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