Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Thursday OT- Enjoy the Apocalypse

So anyone else feel like we are pulling up our lawn chairs to watch the end of the world right now? Just me? Our county is somehow ground zero for COVID-19 in TN. I guess because rich people travel? I hate to think about what the grocery store looks like right now. 

My body has been an absolute asshole about sleeping this week and I just now realized the time change is why my body clock is borked. One fricking hour throws me into chaos.


Oh and also work stress is really kicking in because my new boss thinks we can just be superstars which is nice I guess that he has confidence in us, but fuck we need to suddenly spend as much time documenting our work as working and god damn it’s just a lot.

So what’s good, GT? You stocked up on toilet paper and booze?

Live footage of me

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