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Inspired by Kirov's thread, I thought I'd share my own experience of trying to move past being shit on by a friend. I was staying with a friend in Colorado, when I was completely blindsided by everything horrible I had ever unwittingly done to him. I had no idea this shit was simmering below the surface (mostly based on the fact that he had, you know asked me to come out and stay with him and had refused my offers to pay rent). It escalated to the point that I ended up leaving his place and driving back to the East Coast with a little less than 24hours prep time. I probably should have seen this coming (he's held me liable for feelings that he's had at me before—you know as opposed to feelings that are based on things I've actually done to him) but it really stung to have every horrible thing I've ever imagined about myself flung in my face.It hurt really badly and I was wondering if I really was a horrible person and I was capable of being a good friend to anyone—but then my actual friends came through for me like the goddamned champs they are. One of our mutual friends spent a couple hours with me, talking me down. My roommate wrote me a note telling me all the ways I've been nice to her since she's known me (I cried a little). Her baby was so excited to seem me when I got home, he lunged out of her arms into mine (that's not his usual behavior—we even did internet research to find out if nine-month-olds can miss people, turns out they can).

The fight was on Saturday, it escalated Sunday, I left Monday, and got home Wednesday. Today was my birthday. Everything got better.


I went out training in the morning and learned a two badass new tricks. I went back to my old neighborhood and went to my favorite diner, where they started cooking my order as soon as I walked in the door, and I got my haircut by my favorite stylist who does a goddamned phenomenal job every time. My roommate, her baby and I went out for a lovely diner with lovely booze and I got wonderful and sincere notes from friends and family through out the day (beyond the usual facebook platitudes) including a video of a song that two of my friends wrote and performed just for me (it includes the line: "acrobat, she's all that, stands on her hands and won't go splat").

So all in all, I have fucking triumphed over this Thursday and feel pretty good about myself at the end of it.

Anybody else have a Thursday Triumph?

(does not need to be so epic)

*took down the video because....internet

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