Hey guys, remember that thing that happened two weeks ago with the screwy data? We just got physical confirmation that Bob (still not his real name) is teaching the test. The kind of physical confirmation that can be marched downstairs and slapped on a principal’s desk.

We are giving a test tomorrow. I was finishing up the last of a big stack of stuff that needed to be copied for next week. One of my lovely coworkers went next door to get his numbers, and she saw the review his kids were doing on their tablets through one of those online multiplayer classroom quiz websites.

It was the same question verbatim from tomorrow’s test. She asked him to send her the reivew via email “so we could share with our kids.” 2o minutes later he sends it. It is the same damn questions! 12 out of 17! 11 of them are verbatim right down to the answer choice! And because of the 20 minute gap, he had time to modify the orignal quiz and possibly delete more of them.

I am beyond pissed off right now, because I wrote the test for tomorrow. It’s a hard test. I made it hard on purpose, and now his kids have an advantage over ours. Not to mention the fact that they have literally seen the test and could talk about it with OUR students. So pissed off. Because now we have to deal with it. It can no longer be avoided. We have physical evidence, and this with our previous test data is pretty damning.

Any suggestions? Any commiserations? Anybody want to share with the class what’s making them angry this crappy Turdsday.