Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I have pretty much self-diagnosed as having a thyroid problem. I remember some people posting on here about their experience with thyroid problems, and I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some advice. In the spirit of over-sharing here are my symptoms:

IBS, fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic hives (dermographia - which is fun as I can write on my arms on long boring car-rides, but not so fun when I brush my hair and look like Wolverine scratched my forehead!), bad periods, muscle/joint problems (tendonitis, plantars fascitis), and weight gain problems (I do eat more than I should sometimes, so this might be more a problem with my will-power than a symptom).


Gosh I'm such a catch! Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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