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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Tick Tock

I have an interview in three hours and I'm getting super nervous. I don't know why, I'm qualified for the position and have relevant experience. I am however concerned about my reference at my former job. I put in my notice and left the company without incident. I even offered to stay on an extra month so they could find a replacement without rushing. After a few weeks of not working there I reported an incident about my supervisor (which I wrote about here, a HIPAA breach). The person I reported ended up fired. While my former boss is super professional, in our recent email exchange she was very pointed in her responses and said nothing friendly. Fine, but she also said the company who runs our computer system revoked my former supervisors rights to use the software (because of the breach of security) and they therefore "were forced to let her go". I'm just worried about what she might say to this new potential employer. I know there are laws about what an employer can or cannot say but I am still really nervous about the whole thing. I worked there for 6 years without incident and this issue, I felt legally and morally obligated to report, might have left a bad taste in their mouths about me. Fuck fuck.


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