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Tim Piazza Penn State Case Article Makes Me So Mad

Reading this article I am so mad about the callousness of these frat brothers.

Texting to a girlfriend: I don’t want to go to jail

Texts about cleaning the basement

Letting a fellow student slowly die.

I remember college in second half of 80s and early 90s. Ok it was a small Catholic college but thinking back I cannot recall another student remotely doing this. How was alcohol even at the frat house with minors. Drinking age is 21 yet they did a hazing with alcohol to a 19 year old. Right there is a crime and grounds for expulsion


It was not a tragedy. The entire event should not have happened from the start. Every act they performed or not performed all of which was callous and a disregard for human life and a minors death stemmed from.the initial event.


They hazed a minor with nine drinks of booze in an hour. Forcing some down, then punching him, seeing him in distress, him falling down stairs and doing nothing, texting about this, cleaning up all before calling 911. All acts made in deliberation. Nothing tragic about this. They cannot say “it was an accident and we did not know it would lead to death”. Every action they made was deliberate any rational person would say “do what you are doing Piazzi will die”.



for a generation who were born during the computer age how did they not know texts would be used as confessions and proof of a crime.

Sorry if I sound harsh and judgemental. I get so angry with stories like this. Its about callousness, total disregard for human life, selfishness, carelessness of human life. Yet also something else truly frightens me. How is it we have 18 students who are like this just in one fraternity? Its hard to believe this total disregard of other’s life is isolated to one frat house. Granted these 18 their lives are ruined how about in other frat houses when they graduate, enter businesses, one day be executives will these beliefs stay with them always.


Yes these 18 may be outliers but how is it we have such an abundence in one frat house.



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