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Welcome To The Bitchery

Tim Tam Slams!

Note: I am not Australian. However, I went there for three weeks and was introduced to heaven: Tim Tams. They are chocolate cookies with a chocolate creme filling and are covered in chocolate. Basically, the best commercially made cookies ever.

I somehow managed to acquire three packages of Tim Tams through Target, as they sell them for a limited time in the year. I also somehow managed to get a hold of Milo, which is like Nesquick for other countries (I've found it at Asian markets and in the Mexican section of my supermarket). With these two powers combined, I introduced my boyfriend to the Tim Tam Slam.

I am so excited. I haven't been able to do a Tim Tam Slam in like, three years. What you do is bite off the corners (or ends, there is debate about the correct way to do this) of the Tim Tam, put it into a cup of hot Milo, and suck up the delicious liquid like a chocolate flavored, chocolate covered straw. It is wonderful and you should try it if you can ever get Tim Tams and Milo.


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