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So I went into my local Health Food store of all places today, to buy some Red River Cereal, and I as I was walking around, I came across a display of Tim Tams!

Tim Tams are these chocolate covered Australian cookies that are only available in Canada for part of the year. (I think it has something to do with them only shipping them out of the country during colder months, so the chocolate doesn't melt.) They're awesome. They are two layers of cookie with a filling sandwiched between, and the whole thing coated in chocolate.

They are very sturdy, so a popular way to eat them is via "the Tim Tam Slam", which is when you dip them in a hot beverage for a bit, and let the inner biscuits soak up the liquid. Then you pop it in your mouth.

I've only ever seen the original chocolate and caramel flavours, but the health food store also has dark chocolate, so I picked up a pack of those. Having tasted one, I think I prefer original, but I'm still making up some monk's blend tea to slam it in.


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