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Tim Wise Has Freakout On Facebook Over PoC "Trolls" //OR //Tim Wise Does Not Understand White Privilege

Details are pretty thin for me right now, but I thought I should at least mention this: Tim Wise has apparently had a minor meltdown on his facebook page.

As far as I can tell, the outburst seems to be in response to an accusation that he ripped off the format of a PoC curated blog about white privilege.


The fact that he has made his fame as an anti-racism "expert" and speaker, and can still pull the old "well why don't you just do the work then?" card, is more than a little troubling to say the least. Commenters on the facebook thread do seem to understand why his outburst is a problem, and have been calling him out.

This is all the info I have so far, but I put together a storify of some of the tweets I saw addressing the issue is plainer terms. (Tried embedding it, but it's not co-operating, and I'm too tired to care) If you have any more details about what happened that you think should be included, let me know and I'll update the post.

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