Remember that time that Papa Tim had a freakout on facebook and then sorrynotsorry'd about it later? Well, he's at it again.

Wise was on Kamau Bell's show Totally Biased, and talked about the incident, and demonstrated that he learnt nothing. It starts about the 8 minute mark. Basically, on the anniversary of the Birmingham bombings, Wise posted about a guy who was run out of town for his solidarity, and then because a civil rights lawyer. He claims it was a "very important untold story of white solidarity", to which I say, bullshit.

It's great that that guy stood up for what was right, but to try to piggy back on a very significant and painful part of AA history to sing the praises of a white guy who did the right things is... missing the point. It's great he did that. It's awesome, but he doesn't get a cookie. Why is it so hard for people to understand that you don't get applause for being a decent person?

It gets worse after that including the "bombshell" that he isn't doing anti-racism work for PoC, (it's a common misconception dontcha know!) but because white supremacy is bad for his own children, which is just....