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Tim Wise Update [Spoiler! He's Still Full Of Shit]

So... old Papa Tim has apparently apologized for the above rant. Not for the actual outburst mind you, or the offensive things he said, but for the tone he used. Because that's way more problematic than the fact that he just flexed his white privilege muscles all over his black audience. But okay.


Following that, Trudy of Gradient Lair, (ie. my favourite person ever. Seriously, if you really to learn about intersectional feminism, go read her blog. It's a treasure trove of womanist learning) posted this piece about... well, basically why Tim Wise is full of shit and not a real ally. I'm inclined to agree with her. A choice quote:

[...] So he ignores the role that White supremacy plays on the very concept of “value.” If value was based on merit and work, then cultural appropriation wouldn’t exist or be a problem. No one would think anything done by someone White is automatically more valuable and better, even if that work or idea was straight up stolen or re-purposed for a White voice. This is White privilege and White supremacy in his thinking, working together here. When mainstream publications plagiarize and content troll my work, yet the same ones reject my submissions, that proves that the content is not the question. The messenger is. And is he really saying that his content on what he doesn’t experience is automatically better than content from those who do experience racism? Really? How White supremacist of him.


I highly recommend you go read her entire takedown over on her blog. She's amazing.


ETA: Also, someone linked me to this article in the first piece and it was a great read. I share.

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