Me: <Pyrax's sister>, time to wake up.
Boyrax: Why are you calling me your sister's name? And it's not time to wake up yet.
Me: ...Oh.

Then he went back to sleep and this went through my head:

"He's right, it's 7:30 and it's Tuesday so he doesn't have class till 11 so I should be waking him up at 9:30...wait if that's true why am I up? I'll reset my alarm and sleep some more...wait I'm wrong on Tuesday he has class at 9AM, waking up at 7:30 is normal...Why did he tell me it wasn't time to wake up then? Was he just fucking with me? OH I GET IT I WAKE HIM UP AT 7:45. Also why did I call him my sister's name?"

I am not thoughtful today.

ETA: Then he decided to skip his first class so now I really can sleep till 9:30. I am drunk with power.