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I have four hours to write four pages and tweak my chapter intro! Then I'll be hoping and wishing that my supervisor approves my edits so that I can finish this deathtrap of a thesis.

ETA: And I have to decide if I want to break my sober streak and get shit-faced by myself while I watch Game of Thrones, or just watch the GofT. Suggestions? Validation for my tentative drinking plan?

Update: I got a couple pages done and handed it in even though I think it's pretty crappy. All I need is approval (fingers crossed). Blleeeerrrrrgggghhh. But now I'm filled with anxiety that it won't be good enough, so I went out and bought all the beer (and some Bailey's) and all the junk food and now I'm going to eat and drink it all along with some full-fat beef stroganoff that I'm going to make.

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