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Time Displacement + Early(ish) OT

I know it may not be early for the East Coast and European GT participators and lurkers, however, for myself on the West Coast, it feels very early. I technically am always here at 6 am since my work day starts at 630 - however I am not always 100% alive when I show up at my desk to get everything set up.

Any who, this week has been both great but also really weird. Every day has felt like its a day earlier. Yesterday felt like Thursday, today feels like Friday. I mean, actually Monday felt a bit like Thursday. EVERY DAY HAS BEEN THURSDAY THIS WEEK. In the words of Arthur Dent, Never could get the hang of Thursdays. Do you ever have moments where you just can’t seem to center yourself in time?

This week has also been surprisingly more social/busy than I was anticipating. Every evening has had some sort of socializing event - rehearsal mostly cause I have so many different shows in October and November that need my attention. I am hoping to have at least one day this weekend where I can just nap and take long quiet walks without too much social expectation.


I also got to do some of my other side side project - which is cultivating promotional material for social media for my various performance groups. I really like using Prisma and Pixlr to create little ads for my fellow artsy friends who can’t afford professional design-work. We’re poor okay? We spend all our money getting to the events, rehearsing for them, and making sure they are top notch... but forget to advertise to friends and fans what we are doing. And the events are not always great at having our back there either. So that meant during my free time I got to look at pretty photos of myself and my friends and mess around with them.

Whats up with your Thursday GT?

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