Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sooooo... my current user name is boring, makes no sense and is decidedly inane considering the steller performances from commenters on here, admittedly I've posted under it for several years here and elsewhere where I didn't really think about signing up, it's my default "That's what they named you on the University IT system so run with it... don't use your imagination."

I've mulled it over, I've not really got a problem with being doxxed so I'm tempted to use at least part of my real name (hell, a reverse image search on one or two of my pictures in previous posts will reveal my real identity).


How on earth did you all come up with your amazing names? I'm always looking on with jealousy at the likes of Ubertrout or Whisky In the Shade or Freesamplethief, wishing I could come up with something that cool.

I suppose I'm looking for inspiration (as my imagination is clearly lacking) and also - does anyone know IF you can change your name and how?

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