Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I just watched TiMER (suggested to me by someone on GT, I don't remember who but thank you!) and it's premise is that you have a timer that counts down to the day you'll meet your 'one true love'.

It's a delightful movie albeit a bit predictable, but it got me thinking. Putting aside the more obvious questions (What if you'd already met your one true love? Who says there's only 1 true love? What if you're one true love dies, do you get a re-try? What if you do something different that changes the course of your life, how can the timer still know when you'll meet, will the timer change?), would you want to know?


Would you want to know, without the shadow of a doubt, that your current SO is your one true love? Or when you might meet your true love? What if you have years or decades to go, would you allow yourself to fall in love before that time?

I think my answers would be:
Yes (anyone who knows me on here by now knows I'm somewhat unsure about my SO)
Maybe (I'm not sure though, where's the romance? I can see myself being unconventional enough to not want to know during my teenage/early 20's but nowadays.. I wonder)
Hopefully yes (if you know it isn't 'the one' then could you really give yourself over to that person? completely?)


So tell me, would you want to know?

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