I love dancing (granted I'm old fat and lazy now. So I keep dancing to a minimal). BUT I still love dancing songs, Dancing Vids. A couple of vids have been shared already. Lets get them all in a Single thread.

I wanna share some of my MOST PRIZED dancing music vids, I'D LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU GUYS LOVE!

Like a Boy, Ciara. I love the style of this music video. Very 'new world order' style, with the black and white. Then the aggression in this dancing, plus that matrix Lean.

I'm Really Hot, Missy. I love the 'vs' style music video where the teams are trying to out do each other. Other examples are Usher's "My Way", Wyclef's "Staying alive".

This Song, I love throwing it into a dance mix. A lot of people are unfamiliar with Boa, shes mostly a K-Pop Star (and her transition to the American scene didnt blow up), since an Amazing artist. "Energetic" is another great track from her.

I I've shared too many many at this point, but in true dance-off fashion. The beginning of Stomp The Yard. Huge fan of Krumping, Dance movies/shows.