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Times when People have called you a "Keeper".

So, I had a fun Monday night. I was super worried/anxious/breathing into a paper bag about meeting WomBear's oldest childhood friend.
Useless Background that I just want to share: He's a magician, and he messaged me on an online dating site months before I even met WomBear. We bantered back and forth, I thought he was cute, but ultimately- no. Mostly because of his red mohawk. I have bad associations with mohawks.
So fast forward a few months and I put the pieces together when WomBear is talking about his magician friend with a red mohawk. There can't be that many, right? Nope, there aren't. I fess up and we laugh, and it becomes an inside joke, and when I find out it was a stock message magician told WomBear he was going to send, before he sent it to me, it knocks the joke up a notch. It also turns out he sent to the same message to his current girlfriend, who I was also meeting Monday night.
So here I am, freaking out, sweating a little on the way to his place. We get there, and he shakes my hands and jokes that it is nice to meet me officially. He invites us in and there are two ladies talking about dildo laws, and for some reason I just knew what they were talking about. First words out of my mouth, "Why yes it is illegal to own more than five dildos in that state, it was implemented as a sneaky way to target brothels."
Good job Wombat. Nice first impression.
But everything went fine. It turns out Magician's girlfriend is an exotic dancer who loves to talk about sexploits. We get along fantastically.

So the comment came about halfway through the night when I mention that I beat WomBear at Halo all the time. -Record scratch- conversation stops.
This is weird to me. All my girlfriend play video games either fanatically, or casually.
Magician looks at WomBear and says, "Man, she knows dildo law and plays Halo? She's a keeper."

She knows dildo law and she plays Halo. She's a Keeper.

I was such a weird mix of offended, flattered, nervous, drunk and confused that I just said nothing.

What are the weirdest things that have led up to you being called a keeper GT? And is this still in common usage? Or is it just a weird thing that WomBear's socially awkward friends say?


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