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Tina Fey Is So Right But I Gotta Disagree On One Point

She was right on so many points. I have to disagree with her on ignoring the KKK,NeoNazis etc when they hold their gatherings in public. Ignoring them won’t stop them. There are tons of pictures of their rally’s from turn of last century to the middle of Klan rallys in the thousands with no protestors in sight.

NeoNazis walking with no protests reminds me of pictures of Paris with the German Nazis walking through the city in victory.

I understand her point. I just don’t think it will do anything. It may in fact embolden them thinking no one is protesting them.


Thoughts? She nailed it on every other point especially about Native Americans getting rubber bullets and Klan and NeoNazis getting police protection.

The not counter protesting was just one point I disagree with.

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