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Welcome To The Bitchery

Tinder and Bumble - Worth It?

I’m looking to make some more guy friends, and possibly take it slow and have a relationship. I don’t know a lot of guys, and I’m honestly terrified to talk to to one in real life. So I ask: Are these apps worth it?

I just found out about Bumble, which seems safe. I also know Tinder is a thing, but I’ve heard so many horror stories or ones about guys who just wanna bang.


Not sure what I’m trying to do here. I have some hesitation in this area. So I need advice, or any stories that don’t end with “And then I left the coffee shop because he was talking about how he was a vampire, but only drinks type O- blood, because it’s organic...”

TBH though...my main jam is morbid topics, so that doesn't really make me any different than a faux-pire who only goes organic.

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