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Hello ladies and gents,

So I followed the masses and have jumped into the pool of dick pics: Tinder. So far, I met one guy that was really cool with an awesome penis. But then he met a girl that he wanted to try and start a relationship with and thought that banging me on the side wouldn’t be right, to which I say, “Congrats on the morals!”

So I returned to Tinder where I then met a guy that I was not attracted to, but had really good conversation with. He messaged me a few times after and I didn’t think anything of it. But then me wrote to me, asking what I was doing. I replied that I was shopping and when I inquired about his plans he wrote, “At home. ;-)“ Yes, he included the smiley face. I was not amused.


There was another who looked normal, but then sent me a dick pic (blocked), a hot Croatian that stood me up I think in retaliation for not coming over on a Saturday night (um, I was sore from banging the other dude, so no I was not coming over). He was deleted. But the best one yet is the guy that wanted to pick me and take me to his house as our first date. No and blocked!

But, but, but guys, there’s a new one that I’m actually starting to like and my friend had to reign me in. She had to verbally shake me and remind me that this is Tinder. There is no liking on Tinder, just banging. But how do I turn it off? We met and chilled, but only hugged good-bye. He doesn’t live in my city, but comes frequently for work. He texted me when he was leaving and from the two other cities/ countries he traveled to. He even wrote me this morning at 7:30 am. We’ve been playing Carmen Sandiego and I try to figure out where he’s at. He is hot as fuck, smart, and I almost wet myself when he gave me the most intense and delicious hug. We made plans to meet when he comes back next week and there sex will definitely be had. But since I got to sort of know him, I sort of like him. And I don’t want to like him. But I don’t want to be callous. How do I negotiate this thing without being a silly girl or a terrible person?

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