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Tinder?! (With bonus cat pic) ETA

A friend introduced me to tinder yesterday. My judgement was compromised because I'd had a few drinks so I gave it a whirl. I promptly began flirting with a cute guy (with her help/encouragement because even with my inhibitions lowered I feel like I'm terrible at flirting). The night ended with him asking for my number which I gave to him because why not? He texted me to tell me goodnight.

I'm trying to screw up the courage to text him today. But now I'm totally overthinking it (it's a bad tendency of mine), and wanting to appear interested but...maybe not too interested? I don't know what I'm doing, y'all! I play things really close to my chest - and I tend to censor myself for fear of looking the fool (I have a childhood of being bullied for being myself and shut down when I spoke up to thank for that). So if you have any advice/encouragement, that would be fab.

GT-ers who've tried tinder, what have been your experiences been like? I've heard stories of people meeting excellent boyfriends that way - but I also heard that of OKC and my experience with that was...not good.


(Also, this took way longer than it should have to type this because I am cat sitting for a friend and her sweet kitty is demanding all my attention. How do you cat caretakers get anything done?!)

ETA: I texted him. I even resisted the urge to throw my phone across the room when I did. There may or may not be some flirting going on. So.

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