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My phone has been acting up for a while and since I really love it and since I want to use it even after the contract has ended, I ventured out into factory reset country.

So of course I did my backups, etc., but well, you always forget something vital, deal with it. Or cry bitter tears of regret.

Factory Reset, A Chronic:

  • Backup all the shit
  • Wipe the phone
  • Bring it back to life
  • Be horrified, because you had forgotten how extremely ugly Samsung’s launcher is, like UGLY ugly, seriously, what the fuck
  • Install your favorite launcher and take a deep breath
  • Install whatsapp to be able to talk with your friends
  • Freak out, because you had forgotten that all your contacts hadn’t been backed up via your google account but instead stored on the device
  • Decide it’s fate and half the contacts were gathering dust anyway
  • Reach out via Facebook, at least for all the absolutely vital contacts
  • Take the opportunity of only installing all the apps you really need, delete the rest from your Google Play Store Account
  • Install your favorite icon pack and revel in how nice your phone looks once again
  • This phone is fast!
  • It’s really fast!

I’m kind of glad that I only fucked up my contacts, because there is nothing I won’t be able to save. Especially family was just a shout out to my younger sister who is the other one with a smartphone, so copy/paste was easy for her.

I love how convenient everything is. The only thing I had to backup manually was OvouView and my pictures, everything else is just logging in and helloooo data. The first thing I did was of course making sure my contacts are backed up now. ;)

Screenshots of my phone with the Smart Launcher 3 Pro and the Axis Icon Pack:


I prefer a very clean look, though you can do amazing stuff with the homescreen with the help of this Launcher. But I realized that I like it a lot more like this, plus all the gestures I can use to open stuff. All my favorite apps are just a swipe away. Shuttle is the only app I use a widget for, but that’s because my phone is my mp3 player and this is more convenient.

What’s the greatest joy for me is perfecting something I use so often. This used to be my desktop PC and later my laptop, but boy do I love to tinker around with my phone, perfecting it’s look and perfecting the way I’m able to use it.
That’s one of the reasons why I tend to buy pro versions of my favorite apps or why I avoid clickbait game apps, because ugly ads and pro versions come with more useful functions. The main reason is of course that if I like an app, I want to support the devs.

Now all I have to do is add my music and everything is shine and chrome.

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