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Tiny Buster update

No new pictures, because I've been swamped, but I've been taking Buster to a doggie daycare this week because of his separation anxiety. The place is a converted warehouse with tons of room for the dogs to run around and play, and when I called to check on him on Monday they said they were amazed at how immediately comfortable he was—usually dogs are a little shy and reticent at first, but Buster bounded right out into the play area and didn't sit down all day.

And when I dropped him off today, they said he's basically become the alpha dog—he just came in and took over, and now all the bigger dogs are following him around. I know it's a bizarre thing to be proud of, but he's 13 lbs.! I love that he's so confident and comfortable he's leading around dogs four and five times his size.

We just have to keep working on the separation anxiety, because as much fun as he's having, the place is like $25 a day and I can't afford that long-term. But I'm glad he's having such a blast right now. I have such a lovely puppy!

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