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Tiny house dreams

Something I never expected when I moved into my 800 sq ft, one bedroom apartment is this: it feels like too much apartment for one person.

The last place I lived was maybe 1/3 the size, and the primary reason for moving out was because I wanted more privacy. The landlady and I had boundary issues when it came to me living in her granny flat. When I went searching for a new place, aside from the primary searching points (proximity to work, dog friendly, price) one of the things I looked for was size. Classic American thinking, bigger is better! Get the most space for my money!


When I moved in, I had an embarrassingly small amount of stuff to fill the space. So little, in fact, that my voice echoed throughout the apartment. Honestly, it's still pretty barren 6 months later. The only difference now is that I know for a fact that I don't want or need more stuff. Honestly, aside from a full kitchen all I need are a bed, a computer, a TV, my couch, a table and my dog.

There is no doubt in my mind that with my money troubles, if I had parents I could trust I would end up a boomerang adult. I amass crazy medical bills, I had to quit school because I couldn't even afford it then. I may never own a regular full sized house and I don't really want to.


So if I'm ever going to afford a house, I think it's going to be a tiny house. Ideally, it would be something like The Escape, which is $79k and can be financed like an RV (for cheaper than a lot of RVs, I may add). This is the Coastal Model, and it's 400 sq ft:

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There are smaller houses on the market, anything from the size of a parking space to double the size of The Escape. But 400 sq ft feels perfect. And I can take it with me f I want to move.

Does anyone else want to move into a tiny house? Do you live in a tiny house? Of so, tell me all about your life!

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