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Tipping drivers in the USA?

I'm booking a trip to a town near Denver, Colorado, and I'm working on my shuttle reservation that'll take me from the Denver airport to the town. I was planning on asking GT if I should give a gratuity (in cash, that day) but no, apparently it's actually a part of the booking. The options for gratuity are 18%, 20%, and 0.

Holy crap, that seems really high - is this normal? I'm coming from Canada, where our wages are slightly higher so our tip percentages are slightly lower for things like servers, so I don't tip 20% anything unless it's a) a good server, or b) my awesome hair stylist cause salons rip their stylists off. Is 18-20% for a shuttle driver normal? Or are they ripping me off? I could put 0 and do it in cash that day, but I don't want them to see 0 on my booking and then treat me rudely.


I've taken shuttles in Canada plenty of times, and never seen a grat option on the booking. I've generally given a tip when they're polite and the drive goes fine, but a medium-sized bill that I have on me - like a $10 for an $80 trip was received with major thanks, and I was the only one in the van who gave a tip at all.

I don't begrudge the driver if they deserve it or if their wages account for tips, just wondering if this is standard or not!


Edit: Apparently I can fill in the gratuity box with the dollar value I want, but when the auto buttons are only for 18% and 20% I feel like less than 18% is under-tipping. Is it? Hm.

Edit2: This is a 1 hour 15 minute drive!

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