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Tips for traveling to Costa Rica?

My family, per usual, decided that we’re doing something different for Christmas/after Christmas. My brother and I are trying to hijack the planning from the Bahamas to Costa Rica, but neither of us have ever been, so the convincing has been a bit different. I’ve been successful with the cost so far, the safety, the time range, the levels/amount of activity, the fact that I may end up working there in a few years, and that my brother’s and my work schedule are the least inflexible of anyone’s, so we should have some say and priorities. But I’m sorely lacking in details which I think would be helpful, or at least give me a start. Right now I’m looking at 2 days in San Jose, 3-4 days on the coast, and another 1-2 days somewhere else? I really have no idea. My bro is fluent in Spanish but rusty - me no habla espanol, and other family members may not be able to identify Costa Rica on a map.


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