OK - so I decided that the time had come for me to sign up for sailing lessons - with some vague hope of meeting a cute boy. So, the first few sailing lessons came and went and basically no one cute in my group nor were any of the instructors cute (mostly men who are my fathers age and look it). Until!!! last weekend. My instructor was young (mid 30's) and CUUUUTE plus no wedding ring. (Of course, if you've read some of my posts last summer and fall, you'll know that I was somewhat overexcited by a former coworker who wears no wedding band but is married).

Anyway, before we even got on the boat I was like 'OMG, he's so cute' and thus was a little bit tongue tied. Which is often my problem. I don't have game, according to friends. If I don't care, I can be all flirty and chatty. And besides, I thought it would be a little weird and inappropriate - for one, this person is stuck with me for two hours, what if the attention makes them uncomfortable - plus there was another student on the boat so that would've been gross as well. BUT - I did make lingering eye contact!! that was returned, so that's good right? and at the end of the lesson walking away, it felt like we had a little bit of a private chat and I learned he would be instructing next week - he told me without my asking, that's good, right? Does that mean I might be a bit more bold? Basically, my biggest issue is lack of confidence and it just seems to me I have to be a bit more...aggressive? assertive. I also have a repeating loop from childhood about 'not chasing boys' or letting a man 'tell me what to do' etc. and generally being passive but I haven't even kissed someone in four years and although I may be a lonely middle aged lady I'm not quite ready to give up on my romantic life entirely.

SO, tips please! for a gun shy overly cautious person who is afraid of making a mistake or embarrassing myself (or the person I am imposing myself on)... and also gun shy from a previous friendship that I thought had romantic potential and I got seriously burned. I need teh sexing!