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Tips on city safety, pretty please?

Woooooo boy.

Next week I’ll be starting an internship in New York City, and I’m a little worried about being safe. I’ve never lived in anything close to the big loud clattering bang that is NYC, and having checked out where I’ll be living, I’m not too comforted that my neighborhood will make the transition easy. Fortunately, it is close to where I will be commuting from, but there is one street that makes me nervous. It’s been hinted by my boss that I might be working pretty late hours, so walking through a street that was abandoned during the day after twilight gives me the spooks.

So: what’s the best way to protect yourself in the city, beyond just avoiding danger whenever possible? I am trying to figure out whether I should purchase some sort of pepper spray or mace (apparently that’s more of a hassle than I thought, glancing over the NY laws), or carry a very imposing-looking ruler I own that could be a very effective scythe in a crisis, or if I should look into those loud personal attack noisemakers. My family is leaning toward the noise option, but I’m inclined to think that one more alarming noise in the city won’t attract any attention or do any immediate good. They’ve also mentioned some iPhone apps that shine bright lights or call the police if you remain inactive for too long, but I don’t fancy the idea of having to scramble around with my phone should something happen.


I apologize if this isn’t lucid. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I read this over and realized the ends of sentences weren’t connecting frequently to their beginnings. In recompense, here are some cute pictures I found on Tumblr:

(and yes, before anyone mentions it—I do plan on using the buddy system to walk home whenever possible!)

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