On Friday, I found out the 'temp' job I've been enjoying so so much was not going to bring me on board full time (they did however select my co-worker who sits directly next to me). I've cried a lot about this. I had my struggles initially but felt things were going well enough but was told I "did not make the cut".

I wanted Friday to be my last day however, my supervisor recommended I complete the remaining two days of my contract in order to make a good impression because "there is another position we are considering you for and would make the impression that you still want to work here".

SO...tomorrow, even though they are going to delay the announcements of who they are hiring, everyone will know unofficially and I will have to spend most of the day listening to people drop by my coworkers desk to congratulate her and I am sure be all 'But what happened, why not you?' blah blah and probably make me cry all over again.

Fuuuuck. I am so dreading tomorrow. And this other position? it's a demotion (although still a good paying position etc) and they have dangled the idea that if I take it there would be 'other opportunities' for growth. I don't know if that is true or just damage control.

In the meantime, tomorrow is really going to suck. Ideas? pats on the back? Thanks, guys, for listening.