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Tips on managing health & work

Once more I call to you for help! In a few hours I’ve got a meeting with my direct manager and our brand-new HR person (we’ve never had one before, this is all new) due to my recent health issues. In short: My thyroid has been acting up all year with terrible values in may, fine ones in june and bad ones again now. Besides that I’ve had an inflamed oesophagus/stomach for the last 8 or so weeks. I spent more than a week at home sick and had to leave work twice more because I was just plain exhausted. Not being able to eat + low energy + stress + still working normal hours or more = broken BC.

I’ve already called my doctor for tips (he’ll call back in the afternoon, before I have this meeting) but I was wondering if you had any tips on how I could discuss this with my managers? They are looking for ways in which we can manage my health so that I don’t end up crashing again. Since it doesn’t look like I’ll be 100% better in a week, this is something that’s important to look into. She mentioned ideas like working from home more (less distraction from the busy workfloor) or something like that. I’ve never had a meeting like this before and don’t know how to handle it other than to promise and list all the ways I’m already managing my health. But I’ve never managed my work in order to facilitate better health? (and better work at the same time)

Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing? Any tips on how I could manage it better with regards to work? All tips would be greatly helpful! :)


Also it was my birthday yesterday!! It was amazing! I shall tell all about it later ^^

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