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I’m tired of the endless hypocrisy that men display every single day. I’m tired of them constantly pushing a false reality as well.

Men: It’s easy for women to get popular on youtube/insta/tumblr/whatever – they just have to be pretty!

Reality: Forbes publishes a list of the most popular and rich youtubers, and it’s all men.


But that’s ok. Cause men are all just naturally better at everything, so it makes total sense. Those men worked hard to get successful! Glass elevators don’t exist. Meanwhile if a woman ever manages to be equally successful it’s 100% because she’s pretty and solely because she has a vagina.

It’s that kind of shit. On a loop. For fucking ever. And they never recognize what massive hypocrites they’re being. And even more enraging – hardly anyone ever calls them out on it.

Obviously same with politics. Everyone pushed the sexist lie that Hillary Clinton felt it was “her turn” to be president. Can we admit the massive projection that was? Men feel entitled to power. So they feel entitled to the presidency. When a woman wants it, of course the first thing they’re going to do is project their negative mindset onto women. And it works. Because everyone hates women.

And that hatred not only takes the form of violent oppression. But even in so-called “progressive” countries like ours, everyone believes outlandish shit about women. Whenever men are accused of negative things, people are quick to question it and demand hard evidence. Meanwhile the idea of a pregnant woman just deciding at 9 months that she no longer wants a baby, so she has a doctor cut it out of her and murder it, is totally believable to people.


Oh! And I constantly see sexist men whine about how the world is meaner to men, and everyone just goes easier on women. Fucking really.

Meanwhile there’s a new slur for women invented every era. Ours is ‘thot, btw. Handy way to call a woman both slutty and attention-seeking.


Meanwhile men never act slutty.

And they never desperately seek attention.

Btw if a man wants money he’s just ambitious. But if a woman wants money she’s a greedy asshole.


Rant over.

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