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Tis the season

It’s finally cooling off in Texas, so I made this.

I’m feeling pessimistic about so much lately, I wanted to do something to make myself a little happier and share it with those who might appreciate it! (The cat clearly does not appreciate it.)


I’ve been expanding my Facebook circle since becoming a group fitness instructor and the majority of the new people are pretty typical Texas. I made this my profile picture in the passive-aggressive hope that I can ruffle a few feathers.

Part of the pessimism is from opening myself up to all the shit that ends up being posted. It’s really difficult to know what some of these people believe, but I really think more progressives need to be here to influence what we can, so I don’t want to just bail. I think that when progressives with the means to leave take off, it just leaves those without means stuck with all the assholes. Not loving conservatives, not loving my relationship, not loving body issues worm into my brain randomly. Love my kids. Love dat kitty. Loving some wine at the moment.

Sorry for not being as regular of a contributor as I feel I should be. Hope y’all have some love in your life tonight!

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