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Tis the season of thyroids

Let's whine about our health.

I know I feel particularly bad when my kitty hangs out around me. I laid down on the sofa in the near dark after coming home. She sat down by my feet, then my head, next to me, and so on. She never does that.

I've been feeling increasingly bad. I got confirmation this week that this is due to my thyroid (yay for thyroid issues). Some levels too high, others way too low, so we're adjusting my meds and see how I do. Today was particularly awful. It took everything I had just to get through the day (my quality of work is shot today( and I ducked out early even then. I can't focus, my brain feels like cotton or oatmeal, my thoughts are constantly negative and my moods are unpredictable (hello rollercoaster). It takes all my energy just to act like myself and focus.
I'm so cold and I bet I look white as a sheet. Even eating takes an enormous amount of effort right now. Not like it's physically difficult it's just.. bleh.


I feel like I feel when you haven't slept in days. You know where you feel like you're shimmering in and out of this plane of existence? That.

Please body, adjust quickly. I don't have time for this crap.

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