I know that this super-technical and possibly NSFW drawing was essential for comprehension last week, so here you go again.

Previously on Jenna Bitches, I had a Loop Recorder implanted subcutaneously in my chest, and the Tegaderm over the incision had caused me to break out in hives and want to claw my skin off. I also developed a fever of unknown temperature. Dressing came off, nurse directed me to get a real thermometer that told me something besides "lizard" and "fever of some degree."

Temp had gone up to 100.8 today, which isn't concerning, and I wouldn't have called about, but the nurse had told me to. (102 is where I would have called.)


Nurse had me come in right away (wtfff, I can't drive! I just wanted to be told to take Tylenol or have antibiotics called in, which is what she said they'd do when she'd talk to me before) and I guess it was a good thing, as my goddamn incision is infected. Also, the doctor is wicked hot and super nice.

This is NOT a big deal. The skin is infected. It's superficial; it's not a deep infection. If it was, he'd have removed the device. I have antibiotics for a week, and I go back in next Thurs anyhow for my previously-scheduled incision check. He took my Steri-strips off to examine the site, and RE-DRESSED IT OMG FUCK YOU TEGADERM. I've front-loaded antihistamine.


Now I have to focus on not scratching through my bones in my sleep, THANK YOU VERY MUCH CARLOS. (Go ahead and click that if you never want to fucking sleep again.)