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TITCOINS by Pornhub

Have you guys heard of this? Was it an April Fools joke that didn't make rounds until now? Either way I'd like to discuss the implications of this kind of system:

The idea is that since pictures of boobs make so much money on the internet, women should be able to exchange them directly for currency to be used to buy things. Some of the proceeds will (would?) be donated to breast cancer awareness to "help maintain a healthy market". I feel kinda gross just repeating that.


Economically speaking, though (and as someone who has never studied economics so feel free to check me), it's a flawed system. It doesn't take into account that we live in a society where the more you spend (the more of your tit pics are out there) the less your currency is worth (the less people give a damn/respect you). In the end you are paying exponentially for every purchase you make and you will eventually run out of capital. That's not an economically sound arrangement for women.

Unless, of course, they put in safeguards to curtail inflation. That leaves Pornhub open to some pretty fabulous exploitation of their own. It would mean they'd have to foot the bill every time either a) a woman whose boobs don't fit the beauty standard uploads a pic and makes them no money from Pornhub denizens or b) a woman uploads SO MANY pics that they no longer have value to Pornhub denizens. Backfire for Pornhub and their clients, thumbs up for breast cancer awareness donations, a big fat BLEGH for women everywhere.

So if you're at a vending machine with your top off anyway you may as well get a "free" soda, right? Viva la sexual liberatiòn!

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