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Tjhisha & Angelia A Summary and Update

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I ignored Tjhisha Ball and Angelia Mangum initially like everyone else. It's easy to dismiss tragic news, and that's what the ending of their story was, tragedy. In the eyes of everyone, including myself, they didn't matter because … reasons. I shrugged it off, and no there was nothing wrong with them being labeled as sex workers, no there was nothing wrong with their deaths being ignored. It happened all the time. I felt apathy, not complacency. Exhausted and apathetic by the constant struggle for any poor or black (or both) person (especially a woman) to make news when she suffers a tragic end. There is either no out rage, or very little.

Co-Admin of @Whorephobia (a Sex Work Advocacy Organization I Co-Admin as well) @_Peech had RT'd the few articles there were out there about them: Ebony's Jamilah Lemieux wrote a smashing piece on both women and the tragedy of the constant ignoring of SWs murdered. While I and some others found some of her delivery problematic or maybe hurtful, through discussion we learned why it was so, and how her efforts to relate the information to non-SWs sometimes required a different learning curve and vocabulary. @TheTrudz wrote another article for the girls for Gradient Lair which was also amazing. But for the two articles that came out when this all came to pass (the girls were found in the wee hours of Thursday the 18th) there have been articles like the damning, public persecution in The New York Daily News which decided to use the girls mug shots from previous sins of their young lives as the lead image. They rolled it out, almost twice the size of the image above… their puffy eyes and sad/angry faces. The same faces most young people who've ever committed an offense have made when fingerprinted and photographed. I say most because how many of us reading this now have committed something we've looked back on as adults and regretted, or learned from? How does their past some how mean they are unworthy of mention in the future? The back and forth and the persecution left me exhausted and distraught about how to move forward. It compounded the apathy. NYDN wasn't the only news source to do this, Florida local news followed in the foot steps of its larger media siblings and the ruining of their name and life justified the palpable silence of major media.

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