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Tjhisha Ball & Angelia Mangum Fundraiser and Updates

For those of you who don't know on September 18th, two young women lost their lives tragically and it caused barely a ripple in the news pond. I wrote very briefly about it here and you can find links to other more extensive articles through the links there. But this isn't another post of the same, this is happy news for the girls, their families, @whorephobia and we wanted to share it with you guys too, GT!


Yesterday was a really good day for the fundraiser, and eye opening overall. As of this morning the fundraiser has reached $2,000 of the $17,000 goal. We hit $1600 before 24 hours and it has really reminded me that maybe people do give a shit. Well some.

@_Peech put it very well in an interview for This Week in Blackness After Dark (#TwiB) podcast/radio show with @BlasianBytch. "There is a tangible wall of silence.." And there is still is, among the big named black feminist hashtag creators and movers and shakers of twitter and blogging, there's nothing. We'll get to that later, back to the good news.

Before we were able to get the word out via the very popular TWiB After Dark podcast @Whorephobia and Tjhisha & Angelia were featured in an article for the Daily Dot.


Which is awesome! One the word is spreading, and two it is entering into mainstream (read: non-black non-sexworker) audience conversations. The conversations have been stirred up in our comments and mentions and we've gotten a few RTs from big names, and even Tracie Thoms! :D Yay for people with big platforms trying to get the word out for us!

Thanks for everyone who's read, shared, and donated. We're going to be brainstorming ways for those who can't afford to donate to be able to help in someway, so keep an eye out for that. And once I have a link to the pod cast I'll post that as well so you guys can tune in, they covered a good amount of topics not just sex work.

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