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That is the total number of days I have been unable do a goddamn thing because for SOME REASON, I decided to get food poisoning. I tried eating a bowl of pasta last night and woke up this morning with barely enough time to get to the can before it came shooting out of me. Finally caved and have been eating only white rice. But because I'm stubborn, I had it with a beer. So far so good, weirdly enough. But goddamn, white rice is bland.


And Mr. Mascara is out of town this weekend at medieval music nerd camp, and so I'm sitting here with my fatass cat (who barely gives a shit about me unless it's 5:39 in the morning and he's STARVING TO DEATH) listening to the police scanner. But because it's Labor Day Weekend, apparently even the criminals are out of town because it is DEAD on the scanner.

Ugh. Worst Labor Day Weekend ever. Taste my misery!

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