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So I have had pierced ears for a decade. I rarely wear earrings now because they make my earlobes hurt/itch. I suspect I am developing an allergy to cheap metal, since my one grown-up pair of earrings is fine.

I have noticed that one of my lobes was swollen. Then today, the hole looks all shiny and protuberant, so I squeezed it—just 'cuz. PUS came shooting out! Way more than my earlobe should have been able to hold, IMO. It was kind of spectacular—I'm a perpetual zit picker, and this was like that x1000.

What do I do? I have some hydrogen peroxide which I'm applying, just like after you get your ears pierced. I think the back of my hole has closed up - there was only pus coming out of the front. Do I need to re-pierce it for drainage? If I do that, do I need to wear studs to keep it from closing back up? Or should I wait until it's healed to do earrings? HALP!