Also Trigger Warning: CHOLESTEROL.

So last week I went to my new lady doctor (whom I love. He is the first ob/gyn I have had in a LONG time who A) doesn't rush me through my exam, B) does not harp on baby-making (more on this in a bit), and C) is just really friendly and takes my concerns seriously. I first saw him on a referral after having really terrible but unexplained pain (it turned out to be pubic shearing, which I actually experienced while pregnant with my daughter, so I sort of can't believe I didn't know remember how bad that felt after getting it again) and instead of running a million stupid tests on me, he was like "I think this might be shearing. Let's get you in with a sports medicine doctor today and see if physical therapy doesn't help you, instead of running a CT scan which may end up being unnecessary." (I appreciate doctors who do not throw unnecessary tests at me.)

ANYWAY, while in the course of our exam I discussed with him that my periods are few and far between these days so he ordered some tests and told me that he wanted to test my cholesterol too, just because it's very very high and my regular GP told me last year I had six months to lower it or I didn't have a choice about Lipitor (which I have taken before and it sucks so very much).

So the GOOD news is that I lowered my cholesterol by more than 100 points! BOOM! Mic drop! It's still 10 points higher than it should be but to lower it in less than a year from just diet and exercise alone is, I think, pretty awesome news and it puts all that cheese I haven't eaten and booze I haven't drunk (sigh) into perspective. (I love you, cheese!)

The not so great news is that, as I suspected, I do not ovulate anymore (or rather, I am ovulatory resistant. This makes me sound lazy, like, I *could* ovulate, but I'd just rather not.). There is an irony in having once been so fertile that even two types of protection were still no match for my super-follicles but now that I'm financially secure and emotionally stable, my lady bits are like "nah."


My husband and I have been sort of will-we-or-won't-we on the whole baby-making thing lately (I am pro-babies; he is pro-baby but also pro-money and pro-travel) but it looks like we're going to have to get serious if we actually do want to make a baby napping royalty.

I have a daughter (who turns 11 tomorrow! maybe this is why I'm taking this so hard?) so if the baby thing isn't meant to be, it's not like I haven't experienced the joy of parenting a small human, but I am forlorn to think that I might not have another opportunity.


Anyone want to trade eggs for lower cholesterol numbers?