I'm spotting. Again. This is the third time within my current cycle that this has happened. Several months prior my period was late by a month and a half and when it did arrive I was at a party and threw up and passed out. Now it's normal-colored, but before it was pale pink or even highlighter orange. This has never happened to me before, guys.

I just moved- could it be that my cycle is dramatically readjusting to living with two different women? Is my HPV fucking up my cervix? Am I underweight or overstressed or some shit? Is it time to panic?! I've been trying to find a gyno for a while, but it's been incredibly hard to find one that will accept my stupid insurance. I keep getting turned away, even at walk-in women's clinics. It took me fucking forever to find a psychiatrist, and my psychologist is technically out of network so I'm paying an arm-and-a leg to see him (even with the discount his office gave me!). I've been here two years and I have yet to even find a GP-I go to minute clinics for all my needs. And my parent's insurance is about to change again, so by the time I find a doctor they might not accept the new insurance company.