It’s time for another brightersideoflife TMI story!




I wiped my nose this morning and it was black and smeary. Now, I was not near any smokers or campfires over the weekend. I did some light housecleaning, but nothing stirring up a lot of dust. I went to a bbq, but it was a gas grill and didn’t smoke much.

I did, however, burn several candles on Friday and Saturday. I guess the 5 candles in my condo were too much for soot? Three of the candles were those awesome 3-wick ones from Bath and Body Works.

Not knowing what else to do this morning, I dampened some qtips and wiped my nostrils out several times. Blew my nose several times.


Of course, I did not burn any candles today.

Anybody else have bodily surprises today?