After the jump..

I have absolutely no problem taking a shit while on the phone (as long as it's not a loud shit). I had an event last night and my friend and I got really high and came up with some great business plans. Since I am rational, I laughed to myself about it. But he called bright and early this morning to talk my ear off about getting these ridiculous plans in motion, and it was just about time for my 9:00 shit and so I just went for it. He talks forever and I knew I wouldn't make it through the conversation.

If anyone in my life deserves a shit taken on his conversation, it's this friend.

Now, what was kind of horrifying was that my SO came home from an errand in the middle of that and started laughing at me. I am a poop-with-the-door-closed type of girl, but I was alone and had the door open. Even though we are getting married, this is a boundary I need to keep. I like privacy and peace. And I'm a pretty serious pooper. My digestive system is a well-oiled machine. I take a real significant poop around 9 am, and two smaller ones - one around 3pm and one around 10pm. I am great at pooping.


What say you, GT? Is phone pooping ok?